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Meal Planning Tools

Overcome the Overwhelm
Week 1-4 Meal Plans

Meal Planning
Made Simple

Supper Sanity provides resources for busy families to simplify meal planning, shop efficiently, cook affordable homemade meals and enjoy dinnertime.

Get FREE Weekly Meal Plans Every Friday for a Month!

Receive a new menu with recipes for 4 weeks. Let Supper Sanity do the work. It’s time to simplify meal planning.

Do you dread dinnertime? desire recipe inspiration? need to save money on groceries?

It's time to simplify meal planning and enjoy dinnertime.

These three easy meal planning worksheets help you choose dinners quickly, plan a weekly menu and shop efficiently. Now you can save time and money and eat healthier with these shortcuts.

Meal Cheat Sheet

1. Meal Cheat Sheet

Decide meals fast with the no-brainer menu chart. All the recipes are on the website.

Weekly Meal Planner

2. Weekly Meal Planner

Set up your week for success by reviewing inventory and planning a menu that meets your family schedule.

Supper Sanity Grocery List

3. Grocery List

Shop efficiently and stay on budget with the Grocery List that does the thinking.

"So, I love meal planning tools because they make me check to see what I have before going to the store. The grocery list saves me so much time at the store. I have eaten out so much less."

The three meal planning worksheets are available for purchase in two ways:

1. Downloadable Worksheet Templates

Easy access to plan from all your devices.
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2. Pre-Printed Worksheet Pads

Magnetic to conveniently store on the refrigerator.
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"Supper Sanity is my favorite place to find inspiration for my next meal. They are easy, healthy, and flavorful meals to put together and I have enjoyed sharing them with friends and family. I keep the worksheets on my fridge and use them to plan what days I will prepare meals vs. enjoy the leftovers. Karen shares great tips for taking the stress out of meal preparation and planning!"

1. Meal Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet of your favorite meals makes dinner decisions a breeze.

This handy chart has 28+ delicious meals with various proteins, cooking methods, and cuisines. A cheat sheet does the heavy lifting and makes decision-making easy. It also has a month of meal plans, and all recipes are on the website. It’s FREE with any order!

Why Create A Meal Plan?

If you currently conduct dinner plans in your head or during your grocery shopping trip, a little preparation with Supper Sanity’s recipe for easy meal planning and worksheets will help save your time, money, and calories.  These worksheets provide all the tools you need for easy meal planning – plan, shop, and cook healthy, tasty meals and stay on budget.

Benefits Of Meal Planning

  • Less shopping trips
  • Save money
  • Buy only what is needed
  • Save time
  • Healthy meals
  • Dinner menu variety

Meal Planning Improves Sanity

Supper Sanity’s recipe for easy meal planning offers three worksheets to help you prepare healthy, home cooked meals.
1. Create a meal index of your favorite meals
2. Plan meals for the week
3. Fill out the grocery list to efficiently buy ingredients Let’s review each step of the process to improve your meal planning sanity.
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2. Weekly Meal Planner

Fill out each section on the weekly meal planner to guide you through the process.

  • Take inventory of on-hand items to plan meals and purchase missing ingredients.
  • Create a menu for all your meals, including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.
  • Review the reminder checklist for tips such as looking at the family calendar and reviewing sales at your grocery store.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

  • Excessive trips to the store
  • Expensive takeout
  • Unused perishables wasted at the end of the week
  • High calorie processed foods
  • Nutrient-poor convenience foods
  • Boring, repetitive meals


  • Examine the family calendar for days when no dinner is needed
  • Check your grocery store for sale items
  • Review home inventory for ingredients that need to be used
  • Consider your cheat sheet (Meal Index), Pinterest, cookbooks, and favorite food blogger for inspiration
  • If you decide to make a new recipe, write down the source on the Weekly Meal Planner
  • Keep the Weekly Meal Planner on the fridge for reference throughout the week
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3. Grocery List

The Supper Sanity Shopping List is pre-printed with grocery items by store section to make shopping easier.

This grocery list makes it easier to delegate shopping to a family member. Your grocery bill will lower because you take inventory of what you need before shopping and only purchase what you need.