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How to Save Time, Money, and Health through Meal Planning

Getting dinner on the table is challenging, but you can overcome the overwhelm by following a few steps and tricks. The rewards are worth the efforts. You will save time, money and improve your health by planning a weekly menu that meets your goals.

November 8, 2021

Grocery shopping list

A Mom's Life: Hate Making Dinner?

Listen to this podcast from Natalie and Katie about the challenges of getting dinner on the table. Katie shares real-life action tips and reveals honest expectations to make dinner easier. Every week they host a relevant podcast about the realities and rewards of being a mom. They live up to their slogan – Laugh Learn Listen!

I am honored to be a guest and discuss my meal planning tips. 

Listen and subscribe to A Mom’s Life.

More Meal Planning Tips from Supper Sanity - How to Save Time

1. Get in and out of the grocery store efficiently using this organized grocery list. The list places items in aisle sections to provide fast shopping and easily delegate the chore to family members. Learn more about the Supper Sanity Grocery List on the Shop Page.

2. Buy what you need at the store. Place the grocery list on the fridge and check off depleted items.

3. Meal prepping will save time and sanity by making key ingredients ahead when you have time: overnight oats, roast chicken, and brown rice, to name a few.

4. Make dinner decisions quickly by listing favorite meals for fast reference and avoiding dinner time rut. What’s for Dinner?

5. Choose one day to meal plan every week and do it in the kitchen to quickly check inventory and cookbooks.

6. Have the proper kitchen equipment. Learn more and get a FREE kitchen must-have list in The Complete Kitchen Essentials Checklist.



Stay on Budget

  1. Plan meals from the items you have on hand. Use the Supper Sanity Weekly Meal Planner. Learn more on 10 Tips to Save Money on Groceries.
  2. Check out the sales at the grocery store to help decide on menu ideas. 
  3. Review your calendar so you do not plan a meal when you are not home.
  4. Do you plan too many meals and throw food away? Cut back on the number of meals you buy.
  5. To minimize waste or spoiled food, use more perishable items earlier in the week. Purchase hardier produce items. Kitchen Drill – Keep Pantry Meals on Hand has tips.
  6. Buy in-season fruits and vegetables because they are fresher, have a longer shelf life, and are often on sale—Winter Dinner Ideas Using Seasonal Ingredients provides a meal plan using seasonal veggies. 
  7. Order online for pick up or delivery to help minimize impulse buying—4 Steps to Efficient Grocery Shopping.
Weekly Meal Planner
Supper Sanity Meal Index Document Image for meal planning self care

Meet Your Health Goals

  1. Create a Meal Cheat Sheet of healthy dinners that matches your goals. Learn more on the Shop page.
  2. Buy a cookbook that follows your nutritional goals, and try a new recipe each week.
  3. Keep lunches and snacks simple and healthy – just a few choices.
  4. Stock your home with healthy ingredients.
  5. Double your healthy recipes for leftovers, freezer meals, or lunch.
  6. Try meal kits from a subscription service or the grocery store that offers healthy meals. 
  • No production – stop cooking every night
  • Pot to the plate – no serving pieces means fewer dishes
  • Cook one-pot meals
  • Double recipe to eat one freeze one
  • Get an additional freezer and a food processor
  • Quick dinners – sandwiches, charcuterie, and breakfast
  • Batch cook ground meat to have on hand throughout the week
  • Always have steam-able veggies and rice in the freeze

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